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本功能僅供中興大學教職員生於中興大學內部使用,請 請輸入學校E-mail帳號及密碼。如或。
(1) Email 帳號:依學制別,將第一碼改為英文。學校首頁登入「興大入口」點選「郵件系統」,即可得知。
(2) Email密碼:同「興大入口」密碼。 預設密碼為身分證後四碼加出生月日共八碼。 如:身分證為A123456789,生日為1999/01/01,則密碼為67890101。
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(1) Your Email address: Email account is formed by substituting the first digit of your student ID number by an alphabet defined by your academic program,the rules can be found here.
(2) Password:Your E-mail password, which is the same as the one you use in campus portal. Default password is set to the last 4 digits of your ID plus the month & date of your birthday. For example, ID:123456789, birthday:1999/01/01, then default password is set to 67890101.